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Dymedix, an Innovative Partner

News articles written about the need to decrease the cost of healthcare, make it more efficient, and make its delivery safer are almost ubiquitous. These goals are wonderful aspirations, but are they possible? It feels a little like that saying, “I want to have my cake and eat it too!” My belief is that this… Read more »

Utilizing the Newest Sensor Technology in Sleep Medicine

Working in Sleep Medicine is a rewarding career, and providing the best clinical care for every patient is the hallmark of an exceptional Sleep Center and an excellent Sleep Technologist. As a Sleep Technologist myself, nothing could be more frustrating than to witness a patient arousing throughout the night; whether it be a complete awakening… Read more »

With Dymedix, you can have it all

The process of selecting sleep sensors is not always a very objective one. In fact, most sleep diagnostic facilities tend to buy reflexively, with rarely a second thought. The same sensors and the same technology because it is simply familiar. But times are changing and with tightening budgets, less money needs to buy more. The… Read more »

Embracing PVDF Sensor Technology will Yield Better Results

In previous posts, we discussed a number of technical advantages that polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) based sensors are capable of providing. With airflow detection, they are extremely responsive, very linear, and more stable compared to other traditional flow and pressure sensors. With respiratory effort, they are also equally responsive, linear and eliminate phase and polarity shifts… Read more »