The people and their attitudes here at Dymedix Diagnostics is what I take the most pride in. We are always looking for a better way of providing higher quality waveform data, increasing ease of use for sleep technologists and increasing patient comfort. We have recently begun using the phrase ALWAYS INNOVATING which I like very much as it describes who we are and how we work here at Dymedix Diagnostics.

We have built a reputation on our ability to develop new effort belt alternatives (reusable and disposable). The same is true for our line of reusable and disposable airflow sensors. Our new Triple Playtm family of airflow sensors provides technologists the ability to detect and identify apnea, hypopnea, and snoring events with only one airflow sensor. Furthermore, technologists can now eliminate the conventional thermistor, pressure cannula, and snore sensor with just one Triple Playtm airflow sensor. The simplicity and cost savings are remarkable. That’s what I call innovation!

We continue to receive rave reviews related to customer service and our generous product warranty programs. This is a result of always trying to find a better way, and we promise to keep trying! We have several more great innovations in development that we are eager to show you, all in keeping with our promise to the sleep disorders industry of being a company that is ALWAYS INNOVATING!