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REVERSE POLARITY – What’s Up (or Down) With That?

Thoracic and abdominal respiratory effort waveforms are used during PSG to differentiate sleep disordered breathing events as being obstructive or central in origin. Out-of-phase chest and abdomen excursions (paradoxical breathing patterns) occurring during a pause in airflow are indicative of obstructive events. In-phase chest and abdomen excursions is indicative of non-obstructive normal breathing. Some effort… Read more »

9 Factors That Cause Sleep Sensor Artifact

In this article, there are 9 topics discussed that can cause artifact with sleep sensors and electrodes. It is exciting to know that with Dymedix patented PVDF technology, many of these factors are entirely eliminated. Contact us today to find out how. 888-212-1100

Dymedix Diagnostics Makes MedTech Outlook’s Top 20 MedTech Providers for 2019

Dymedix Diagnostics has been chosen as a Top 20 Medical Technology provider by MedTech Outlook Magazine – what an honor!!! “The enlisted organizations are transforming the healthcare operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Moreover, with their innovative solutions, these companies are driving greater value to patients, healthcare professionals, and society.” The… Read more »

Dymedix Diagnostics Hires New Vice President of Sales and Business Development

(PRESS RELEASE) Dymedix Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer of PVDF based sleep diagnostic sensors, announced today that John Bozich has joined its team as VP of Sales & Business Development. John brings 25+ years of business and product development experience in a number of industries including rubber/plastic molding, semi-conductor, motion control, medical instrument manufacturing, aviation fuel… Read more »

Dymedix Diagnostics Launches a Line of Purpose Built Pediatric Diagnostic Sleep Sensors called Lullaby.

Dymedix Diagnostics, the leading industry provider of PVDF based airflow and respiratory effort sensors, has launched the Lullabytm Pediatric Sensors line specifically designed for the neonatal, infant and pediatric patient populations.  April 2, 2019 – (press release) Dymedix Diagnostics, Inc. has launched the Lullabytm line of diagnostic sensors, which consist of multiple airflow and respiratory… Read more »

Preauthorization and Home Sleep Testing

Heather Barskey Director of Support Services Advanced Sleep Management The need to preauthorize sleep testing services has become a daily topic of conversation and requires tireless follow up in our programs. We are constantly looking to understand how regulatory and economic changes are affecting the way sleep disordered patients are diagnosed and treated. Documentation of… Read more »

Selecting the appropriate type of airflow sensor

Selection of the appropriate sensor for monitoring airflow has become an important decision for performing sleep studies. Some of the questions we need to answer before we submit our purchase order are: a) do I use disposable verses reusable; b) what is the cost per patient for the sensor; c) how long do the reusable… Read more »

They Aren’t Little Adults

Possibly the most challenging patients in the sleep disorders center are the very youngest. While we have come to realize that sleep disorders are not limited to the adult population, we have often applied the same technology to the testing of children and infants as though they were simply smaller adults. But they aren’t little… Read more »

Single Use Sensors

Society has made great strides in changing our ways from a “disposable” culture. There was a time recently when aluminum cans, plastic milk containers and endless piles of paper simply went into the nearest landfill. However, environmental consciousness and resource efficiency have evolved. Today most communities we live and work in have reuse and recycle… Read more »


The people and their attitudes here at Dymedix Diagnostics is what I take the most pride in. We are always looking for a better way of providing higher quality waveform data, increasing ease of use for sleep technologists and increasing patient comfort. We have recently begun using the phrase ALWAYS INNOVATING which I like very… Read more »