Dymedix, an Innovative Partner

News articles written about the need to decrease the cost of healthcare, make it more efficient, and make its delivery safer are almost ubiquitous. These goals are wonderful aspirations, but are they possible? It feels a little like that saying, “I want to have my cake and eat it too!” My belief is that this goal is possible if the right stakeholders are involved. A key stakeholder in this process is an innovative manufacturing partner that can design products that facilitate a safer and more efficient environment. Dymedix Diagnostics, Inc. has done just that in the sleep testing industry.

Through innovative engineering, design, and manufacturing of sleep diagnostic sensors using PVDF technology, Dymedix has created an array of sensors that are easier to use, more comfortable, cost effective, and accurate. These sensors come in both reusable and disposable options. Disposable sensors are becoming more popular among healthcare facilities and are always a better option for providers looking to take infection control to the next level.

Dymedix offers a disposable line of airflow sensors, effort belts, and surface electrodes. Our TriplePlay disposable airflow sensor is unique in that it reacts to pressure and temperature changes, eliminating the need for both a pressure cannula and thermistor. Our PerfectFit 3D disposable effort belts are activated using pressure and strain, creating the perfect signal that is unaffected by patient movement. Our surface electrode line includes 2-in-1 leg EMG electrodes, 3-in-1 chin EMG electrodes, and a disposable snore sensor.

Dymedix disposable sleep sensors are cost effective, efficient, and are in line with the infection control mission of a global healthcare industry. Imagine waking your patient in the morning and being able to discard most of the sensors attached to their body. Would you be more efficient? Would this help with infection control? The answer: Yes!

Rusty Fife, RPSGT