Rubicon Sleep Apnea Screener

Effective Date: 17 December 2018


Rubicon Sleep Apnea Screener uses personal data collected or processed by the Rubicon application (“App”). This Privacy Notice applies to the personal data collected by Rubicon, which is controlled by or under control of by Dymedix Diagnostics, Inc. This is a notice of our Privacy practices, this is not a contract or agreement.

Data collected and used

The data collected by the App includes your first and last name; email address; general medical history and sleep apnea related survey questions. A short video is also acquired prior to beginning the Rubicon test. The data collected is used to analyze and create a final sleep apnea screening report. The report is used to provide you information related to your risk level for having sleep apnea and includes common statistical data.

Data provided by you

The data you enter into the App includes routine demographic data, medical questions such as age, height, weight, and neck circumference. The email address and above mentioned data entered will be included in, and used to deliver the final Rubicon Sleep Screener Report to the user.

None of the above mentioned data is saved by Dymedix Diagnostics for any reasons.


The App does not make use of cookies or similar technologies.


The App may request permission(s) to access sensors (e.g. camera, WiFi, Bluetooth) on your mobile device.

We use such data only when it is needed to provide you the Rubicon App Services and only after you provided consent. Sometimes the operating system of your mobile device may require that you provide us with a permission to access specific functionality of your device as a technical precondition for the functioning of the App or the underlying operating system. For example the Android operating system may require that you provide permission for the App to access the email function of your device in order to send you the Rubicon report following the screening procedure. If this is the case, Dymedix Diagnostics will not collect any personal data that is associated with the specific functionality for which you have provided the permission.

We protect your personal data

We recognize and take seriously our responsibility to protect the data you provide to the Rubicon App from loss, misuse or unauthorized access. Dymedix Diagnostics uses a variety of security technologies and organizational procedures to help protect your data. For example, we implement access controls, use firewalls, encryption and secure servers.

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