Single Use Sensors

Society has made great strides in changing our ways from a “disposable” culture. There was a time recently when aluminum cans, plastic milk containers and endless piles of paper simply went into the nearest landfill. However, environmental consciousness and resource efficiency have evolved. Today most communities we live and work in have reuse and recycle programs to move away from this waste and improve our stewardship of the planet. We think about our company and products as ‘being green.’

Every other week I wheel out a large blue container that has all of the recyclable materials that our home has generated, and I feel pretty good about that. I’ve also got some reusable bags I take to the grocery store, and my lawn clippings go to a compost site. However, perhaps in the ‘sleep diagnostics’ community, a disposable option might have a legitimate place, especially in high-risk patient groups.

Increasingly, medical testing is moving toward disposable sensors to help prevent the outbreak of infection. I think that most of us working in the sleep diagnostic field would agree, that if we were a patient ourselves, given a choice, we would much prefer a brand-new belt or airflow sensor on our bodies for testing. There can be added value in reduced cleaning time, and the increased peace of mind can be substantial.

Dymedix Diagnostics carries a full line of cost effective disposable respiratory effort, airflow, and movement sensor products for these situations. The Dymedix TriplePlay™ sensor can allow the technologist to capture airflow, snoring, and pressure from a single disposable sensor. That means in a world looking to be ‘green,’ at the end of the test, only one sensor heads to disposal versus three. For the times when disposable is actually the better option, Dymedix has the best solution.