TriplePlay™ Airflow Sensors



PVDF Airflow Sensors

Dymedix TriplePlay™ Airflow Sensors detect three types of sleep disordered breathing events with only one sensor; Apnea, Hypopnea and Snore.

  • Extremely Sensitive
  • PVDF Responds to Changes In Both Pressure And Temperature
  • Accurate Detection of Apnea, Hypopnea, UARS and Snore!
  • Oral / Nasal Design
  • Soft And Flexible, Fits Well Under A NCPAP Mask
  • Perfect For HST
  • AASM Accepted


Available in boxes of 10 or 50

TriplePlay™ Sleep Disorder Sensors


Industry-Leading One-year Warranty

Reusable Sleep Disorder Sensors

Designed for use with a
Dymedix FM Airflow Interface Cable

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