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For over 15 years Dymedix Diagnostics has strived to develop and manufacture diagnostic sensors for the clinical sleep medicine community with the interests of technologists, physicians and patients in mind. Dymedix has managed to harness the unique properties of PVDF to produce what many have claimed to be the most innovative sleep sensor designs that produce the most superior and accurate waveforms available to the sleep testing community.

Although our extensive offering of disposable sleep sensor options continue to be in great demand, Dymedix provides the latest in both reusable and disposable Airflow, Snore, Effort and Surface Electrode sensor solutions.

Dymedix Diagnostics patented PVDF design allows for our TriplePlaytm Airflow Sensors, PerfectFittm Effort Sensors and AccuSnoretm Snore Sensors to respond to movement, pressure, strain, temperature and vibration resulting in the most sensitive and robust sleep sensors available today.

Dymedix Diagnostics is Always Innovating. Please check back frequently to view our Latest New Product Video below. Thanks for visiting us!