Lullaby Pediatric



Dymedix Diagnostics designs sleep sensors with comfort and accuracy in mind for infants and children, our most sensitive patients. Using PVDF technology, respiratory effort, movement and airflow monitoring has never been more accurate and easier for technologists and patients. Our Lullaby™ family of pediatric sensors are available in both disposable and reusable options


As part of the Lullaby™ sensor family, Dymedix Diagnostics TriplePlay® airflow sensors respond to both temperature and pressure changes providing an extremely sensitive airflow monitoring system for neonates, infants and children.

Disposable Pediatric Airflow Sensors reusable pediatric airflow sensors

Respiratory Effort

Plug and Play, Throw it Away (or use it again)! The Lullaby™ family of respiratory effort systems provides pediatric sleep clinicians with reusable, semi-disposable or completely disposable options, all designed with the ease of use, slim profile and enhanced sensitivity required for quality pediatric respiratory effort monitoring.