There Used To Be A Time…

There used to be a time, back in the early days of sleep testing, that most sleep technologists had a very strong interest in the technology being used during the PSG. Certainly, new ways of detecting and displaying physiological signals were being developed at a rather fast pace back then. If a monitoring device hit the market that provided more accurate measurements, increased patient comfort, increased durability, or decreased expenses, most sleep techs would jump on the opportunity to evaluate the new technology. Many technologists often felt that it was their obligation as a sleep technologist to ensure that their program provided the latest and greatest for their patients.

More recently, things have changed quite a bit. In the area of physiological sensing devices used during a PSG, there has been a much slower rate of innovation. Moreover, with regard to technologist interest in new sensor technology, it would almost appear that as long as their sensors comply with some accreditation standard, there is no longer a need to stay informed and participate in any technological advances that do occur in this area.

In the area of respiratory effort and airflow monitoring, current device standards indicate that the field of PSG technology has actually taken a step backward. Dymedix Diagnostics offers a number of sensors based on PVDF technology that represents the only advancement in this area in over 15 years! More accurate measurements, increased patient comfort, increased durability and decreased expenses are currently being realized by patients and sleep technologists around the world. Rather than being content with the ancient status quo of sensor technology, consider that you owe it to yourself, your staff and your patients to provide the latest in PSG sensor technology.

Todd Eiken, RPSGT, FAAST
VP of Product Development
Dymedix Diagnostics