Dymedix Diagnostics Hires New Vice President of Sales and Business Development

(PRESS RELEASE) Dymedix Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer of PVDF based sleep diagnostic sensors, announced today that John Bozich has joined its team as VP of Sales & Business Development.

John brings 25+ years of business and product development experience in a number of industries including rubber/plastic molding, semi-conductor, motion control, medical instrument manufacturing, aviation fuel delivery parts manufacturing, and medical supplies & accessories product development.

Prior to joining Dymedix John worked at Cadwell where he served as Product Manager and rapidly increased sales and revenue of the Supplies and Accessories product line. At Dymedix, John is charged with managing the sales team and growing markets across the United States.

“I am very excited to join this outstanding team at Dymedix Diagnostics and to continue expanding the sales reach of Dymedix’s innovative and unique family of sleep sensor products,” said John.

“John joins Dymedix Diagnostics during a time of increasing growth. He will play a vital role in managing this growth and driving national sales expansion” said Jim Moore, CEO of Dymedix Diagnostics. “We are excited to welcome John to the team.”

About Dymedix Diagnostics

Dymedix Diagnostics provides peace of mind for specialists and patients alike. Since 1998, we have focused on Always Innovating™ by designing the most innovative diagnostic sleep sensors and electrodes used in studies of clinical sleep disorders. Our patented PVDF technology provides accurate, reliable and consistent PSG data with the least amount of testing procedure disruption.

For more information on Dymedix Diagnostics, visit dymedix.com.