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Dymedix Completes a Busy Week at this Years Sleep2017 Meeting in Boston

by ih-ddi admin
Real-Time PVDF Sensor Display at SLEEP2017

Dymedix® Diagnostics Completes First Phase Company Restructure

by Ahmed Aman (SU)
Sleep Sensor Innovators Continues to Expand Its Management and Support Teams

Dymedix Restructure will be introduced at this year’s SLEEP2017 in Boston

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Dymedix Continues to Build Its Sales Support Team

Dymedix Diagnostics Completes Phase One Building a Global Distributor Network

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Company on-Track Building the Largest Sleep Sensor Distribution Network

Dymedix, an Innovative Partner

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I want to have my cake and eat it too!

Utilizing the Newest Sensor Technology in Sleep Medicine

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Dymedix sensors assist patients get a better night’s sleep

Opportunity Knocks in Canadian Sleep Medicine Diagnostics Market

by Simone Bueno (SU)
Sleep Sensor Innovators Expand their Distribution Channel Worldwide

With Dymedix, you can have it all

by ih-ddi admin
PVDF Based Sensors Come to the Rescue

Embracing PVDF Sensor Technology will Yield Better Results

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PVDF based sensors provide better recordings

Demonstrating the Advantages of using PVDF Technology at the SLEEP2016 Meeting

by ih-ddi admin
Dymedix plans live waveform demonstrations at SLEEP2016