Sleep Study Innovation

A typical sleep study can be fraught with issues: belt movement can disrupt signals, cannulas can get displaced, slow response times result in a lag in signal, and uncomfortable sensors can lead to lack of sleep – especially in children. These problems cause unreliable sleep study results, not to mention a poor night of sleep for the patient.

Our advanced technology has revolutionized the sleep-testing industry. Sleep specialists prefer our superior diagnostic sensors because of the many benefits they provide when compared to the competition.

PVDF Sleep Analysis Sensors

Cutting-edge products from Dymedix Diagnostics include:

  • PVDF technology that provides a clean and reliable signal
  • Sensors that are non-positional; they maintain signals even when patients move
  • Airflow sensors that accurately detect apneas, hypopneas, and flow limitation
  • Quick and easy patient setup
  • When using the Dymedix Perfect Fit™ II PVDF effort belts in combination with our airflow sensors, the signals line up precisely
  • Competitive pricing so you can save money while enjoying better quality

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