The Dymedix Difference

Until Dymedix introduced this new PVDF technology, thermistors and thermocouples were the industry standard for airflow monitoring despite, being sluggish and clumsy (especially for pediatrics), and only adequate for studying apnea events. Eventually, pressure transducers were introduced to detect hypopnea events, but bulky cannulas led to frustration for sleep technologists and patients alike.

In 2001, we launched our innovative sleep sensor products featuring PVDF film technology and changed the sleep sensor industry forever. The PVDF film better detects, measures, and transmits the slightest changes in temperature, pressure, or motion, and produces a superior, crisper signal over all other sensors on the market today.

While other products are bulky, don’t stay in place, and offer unreliable signals, our technology is designed to be comfortable for patients while providing pristine signals for the sleep specialist – a combination not found anywhere else.

Today Dymedix is led by a team of professionals with decades of experience in sleep medicine. We offer a complete line of PVDF-based sensors available in adult and pediatric sizes in both reusable and disposable designs.

With an unmatched 2-year warranty – one year more than most other manufacturers in the industry – our products are backed by our guarantee of superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Our new online store makes it even easier to locate and order Dymedix products that ship the same day.

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