Dymedix Completes a Busy Week at this Years Sleep2017 Meeting in Boston

by ih-ddi admin

Last week was a busy time for Dymedix as we completed another successful and productive meeting at the annual SLEEP2017 event in Boston. Once again on the exhibit floor, we were able to display in real time, signal waveforms generated from our PVDF-based sensors. Compared to more tradition sleep sensors such as thermistors and thermocouples, our PVDF products revealed much more responsive and stable signals. We were also able to demonstrate how a single airflow sensor can replace the combination of thermistor/thermocouple, nasal cannula, and snore sensors.

On the social side, the annual Blues Night was another well-attended event that again featured the godfather of sleep Bill Dement singing a number of blues songs he has performed over the years. His vocals were backed by a group of musicians that get together each year for this event and includes lead guitar player Todd Eiken from Dymedix. Our company presented the first Pinnacle Club award to Eric Jensen, CEO of MVAP Medical Supplies for 15 years of outstanding service, performance, and partnership. And of note, Rusty Fife from our sales support team was able to experience eating lobster for the first time!

Moving forward, Dymedix plans to release a number of new disposable sensor products later this year in keeping with the tradition of “Always Innovating.” These sensors will be available in both pediatric and adult versions priced quite attractively. Over the summer months, we will be running several product promotions; so, keep an eye out and talk to your Dymedix distributor about these specials.