Dymedix Restructure will be introduced at this year’s SLEEP2017 in Boston

by ih-ddi admin

Dymedix has undergone a number of changes this year aimed at improving the distribution and support of our growing line of PVDF-based sleep diagnostic sensors. These developments began earlier in the year based on the decision to exclusively sell our products using a worldwide network of qualified and trained distributors. This change provides customers the opportunity to choose from a number of domestic sleep sensor distributors and take advantage specific promotions as they compete for your business.

In order to support this activity, the company recently hired highly qualified individuals, Rusty Fife and Troy Pridgeon to compliment Tammy Hannahs who started with Dymedix late last year. This new team of registered sleep technologists have many years of experience in the sleep medicine industry and have previously worked together in other companies. Their roles are designed to provide increased sales and customer support as we continue to expand our distribution network.

At this year’s SLEEP2017 meeting in Boston (booth # 2107) our new team will be demonstrating the practical and cost-effective advantages of using PVDF-based sleep sensors in all types of recording environments. These demonstrations will include a real-time display monitor designed to show how the more responsive, linear, and stable aspects of PVDF-based sensors compares with traditional sleep sensors. It will also be an opportunity to take advantage of an exclusive APSS promotion planned to give customers specific discounts on our PVDF sensors products.