Demonstrating the Advantages of using PVDF Technology at the SLEEP2016 Meeting

by ih-ddi admin

Next week Dymedix Diagnostics will attend the SLEEP2016 meeting in Denver, CO to continue the mission of educating conference attendees about the advantages of using PVDF-based sensors. Previous meetings this year continue to reinforce many sleep physicians and technologies are not aware of the many benefits PVDF technology offers.

So that being the case, what are they?

PVDF is electrically similar to piezo crystal material presently used in a number of respiratory effort belts. The exception being that in Dymedix sensors, it is pressed into a very thin (110 Microns) film giving it a number of distinct advantages, especially when used for airflow detection such as:

    Speed: Extremely responsive allows the ability to see flow limitations better

    Linear: Allows the detection of both apnea and hypopneas from a single sensor

    Stable: Less baseline shift which reduces waveform blocking

These are important features since they all contribute towards more responsive and stable signals resulting in higher quality recordings that are easier to score. In fact, we are so confident these qualities are noticeable we will have a real-time display in the center of our booth (#412) demonstrating live waveforms generated from all our PVDF airflow sensors and effort belts.

We have also added a new menu “Downloads” selection on our website providing the ability to download montage setup instructions using our airflow sensors with most PSG systems. We will continue to add to the list covering all commercially available PSG systems.

So off we go again to demonstrate the advantages of using PVDF-based sensors, this time, using live waveforms. Hope to see you there!