Moving Forward With PVDF Technology

by ih-ddi admin

After a successful trip to the Southern Sleep Society meeting last month, we are now preparing to attend the spring FOCUS meeting in Nashville, TN, the first weekend in May. This experience will allow Dymedix to continue our marketing efforts to educate the Sleep Medicine community about the advantages of using PVDF-based sensors.

If the Southern Sleep Society meeting was any indication, it is clear that the majority of sleep technologists and physicians alike visiting our booth were completely unaware of the many advantages of using PVDF technology and the significant cost savings accrued over a 2 year period.

The other shocker to those visiting our booth was the fact that sleep labs no longer need to use cannulas since they are replaceable with a single adhesive sensor (disposable or reusable) placed under the nose which can generate up to 4 different respiratory and snore signals.

Coincidently, this week a patient called our office to inquire about PVDF sensors.  He searched the internet for alternative ways of measuring airflow because he could not tolerate the cannula that was “pushed up his nose” during his sleep study.  He intends to educate his physician about this new technology in an effort to have his next study with our patented TriplePlay airflow sensor.

While it is unusual to market our products from a patient’s point of reference, this individual’s comments reinforce the lack of awareness many sleep labs have regarding our sleep sensors.  His comments also emphasize what we discovered at the Southern Sleep Society meeting: most physicians and technologists are not aware that the AASM has accepted the use of this technology in all types of sleep studies (PSG and HST).

So, we’re off once again to demonstrate the advantages of PVDF-based sleep sensors based on performance and cost reduction!