Welcome to the Dymedix Diagnostics Blog


This month marks a new era for Dymedix Diagnostics on several fronts. Today we launched our new website, which provides visitors a fresh and more dynamic view of our PVDF-based sleep sensors and how they compare in performance, price, and warranties.

We now offer the most comprehensive line of adult and pediatric sensors in both reusable and disposable versions. When combined with our unmatched 2-year warranty, customers will receive the best value-added sensor products on the market.

Later this week we will attend the Southern Sleep Meeting in Ashville, NC and demonstrate how our PVDF sensors provide superior performance generating more responsive linear and stable waveforms.

We have expanded our TriplePlay™ airflow line, which can now record up to 4 waveforms: apnea, hypopnea, UARS, and snoring from a single sensor. Our Perfect Fit™ effort belts now include a disposable version that reduces the cost of testing to less than $1.50 per study.

It’s time to Sense the Difference and check out how Dymedix is bringing performance and value back into the sleep medicine market!